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How do you ensure the longevity of your Business’s SEO strategy? The only solution that is truly perdurable is producing evergreen content. If you haven’t heard that term before, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Just like evergreen trees never lose all their leaves, evergreen content never loses it’s value.

We’ve written before about Billing’s Law, but you can produce content that is specifically designed to counteract that. Lets go over some examples from Wikimotive’s recent blog posts.

We have:

Pinterest New Social Leader

Superbowl Lessons

Kill Your Darlings and other Novel Advice

Out of these three, which would you say is evergreen content?

Only Kill Your Darlings falls into that category. Pinterest as a social leader is true now, but there’s no guarantee it will be true for any length of time. In fact, with how quickly social use varies, we know that the shelf-life of that post’s value is relatively short. Superbowl lessons is in a similar boat. The article talks about posting habits around major media events. We can assume this won’t change in the near future, but it’s by no means evergreen. As mobile devises become even more ubiquitous and social networks evolve, usage patterns will likely shift.

Kill Your Darlings, on the other hand, is about simple writing advice. Writing style may change from one medium to another, but the act of writing itself doesn’t change. For the foreseeable future, people will still be communicating with the written word, so advice about the act of writing is evergreen. Note, however, that if the advice was on writing for social media or writing landing pages, it would NOT be evergreen, as those mediums change and the writing style will need to reflect those changes.

Does this mean you should produce only evergreen content? Of course not, we need breaking news and we need to track shifting trends. As marketers, the fast moving stuff is how we make our living, constantly researching and digging to ensure we’re at the cutting edge. Evergreen content is a great addition to your library though, and when you write it, you should be sure to tag it for easy reference for both yourself and your audience.


Find this post on Wikimotive.net under the title “Content that Stands the Test of Time“.

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